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Welcome To My Life: It's Not Easy Being a True Follower Of YAHUSHA

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Well Ladies and Gents this life of mines is something else. I wake up everyday with joy and grateful to be alive. Well, at least most of the days I'm grateful. I would have to say four out of the seven days I'm grateful. Just kidding! I am grateful everyday because I have YAHUSHA. You see living this life is hard. Being a follower of YAHUSHA is not without its trials and tribulations, if you can relate. You have to make sure you are following the YAHUSHA of the Bible and not a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.

I was attending a church that started out on the the right path. They were delivering the word and I was learning and growing in MASHIACH. As the church began to mature I began to notice actions that were a little suspect. I ignored some of those actions because I was very active in ministry within that church and I did not want to give up what I was doing. I just knew I was doing it for ADONAI. As time went on I began to feel less and less comfortable in that place, and I still continued to ignore that still small voice. I began to be drawn to the Bible, Videos, and articles containing information that would eventually lead me to the truth about the church of today and how it should be structured. Church's of today are ran as a business and in the word it clearly says in Matthew 21:13 HE SAID TO THEM, "IT IS WRITTEN, 'MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER, BUT YOU MAKE IT A DEN OF ROBBERS." Now tell me why are so many churches using YAHUAH's house to conduct business. Arn't they suppose to have faith and believe that YAHUAH will provide for their needs. Why you ask. Well because YAHUAH said so in his word. My family had to take a step away from organized church to collect ourselves and make sure our salvation was still in tact.

We have not been back to organized church in a while, and I have to say my family is at peace and are continuing to grow in MASHIACH. We may not attend service within a building on Sundays but the word is still going forth. THE CHURCH IS THE PEOPLE ANYWAY! Every morning while I am driving my youngest daughter, who is 16 to school we listen to sermons preached by John McArthur. She gets some word before she steps into a school, who teaches her nothing about our creator. I am also able to educate her on parts of the message that she did not comprehend. Our praise and worship is non stop. I'm reading my Bible everyday. Well I am trying to read it everyday. Sometimes I get side tracked and miss a day or two. Just being honest! I go into my living room, bluetooth my phone to our sound bar, turn on my praise and worship music, and just praise and worship YAHUAH by dancing my little heart out. This world is way to evil and wicked not give YAHUAH constant praise.

SOOOO, Do you know YAHUSHA? Do you know the ALAHIYM of the Bible? Because to know YAHUAH is to fear him, and to fear him is to obey him, and to obey him is to LOVE him. Without these things the words that you are speaking, claiming that you know YAHUSHA, are empty and won't provide you with Eternal Life Or Your inheritance in Heaven. GET TO KNOW YOUR CREATOR! READ YOUR BIBLE! LEARN FOR YOURSELF! DON'T DEPEND ON SOMEONE ELSE TO GIVE YOU ALL THE FACTS!

Dear YAHUAH, I am a sinner come into my life and make me new. Please forgive me of my sins as I forgive others as well. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your Kingdom! Amen!

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