AND Nimrod son of Kush was still in the land of Shin'ar, and he reigned over it and dwelt there, and he built cities in the land of Shin'ar. And these are the names of the four cities which he built, and he called their names after the occurrences that happened to them in the building of the tower. And he called the first Babel, saying, Because YAHUAH there confounded the language of the whole earth; and the name of the second he called Erek, because from there ELOHIYM dispersed them. And the third he called Akkad, saying there was a great battle at that place; and the fourth he called Kalneh, because his princes and mighty men were consumed there, and they vexed YAHUAH, they rebelled and transgressed against him. And when Nimrod had built these cities in the land of Shin'ar, he placed in them the remainder of his people, his princes and his mighty men that were left in his kingdom. And Nimrod dwelt in Babel, and he there renewed his reign over the rest of his subjects, and he reigned securely, and the subjects and princes of Nimrod called his name Amraphel, saying that at the tower his princes and men fell through his means. And notwithstanding this, Nimrod did not return to YAHUAH, and he continued in wickedness and teaching wickedness to the sons of men; and Mardon, his son, was worse than his father, and continued to add to the abominations of his father. And he caused the sons of men to sin, therefore it is said, From the wicked goes forth wickedness. At that time there was war between the families of the children of Cham, as they were dwelling in the cities which they had built. And Kedorla'omer, king of Eylam, went away from the families of the children of Cham, and he fought with them and he subdued them, and he went to the five cities of the circle of the Yardan and he fought against them and he subdued them, and they were under his control. And they served him twelve years, and they gave him a yearly tax. At that time died Nachor, son of Serug, in the forty ninth year of the life of Avram son of Terach. And in the fiftieth year of the life of Avram son of Terach, Avram came forth from the house of Noach, and went to his father's house. And Avram knew YAHUAH, and he went in his ways and instructions, and YAHUAH ELOHAYU was with him. And Terach his father was in those days, still captain of the host of king Nimrod, and he still followed strange elohiym. And Avram came to his father's house and saw twelve elohiym standing there in their temples, and the anger of Avram was kindled when he saw these images in his father's house. And Avram said, As YAHUAH lives these images shall not remain in my father's house; so shall YAHUAH who created me do unto me if in three days' time I do not break them all. And Avram went from them, and his anger burned within him. And Avram hastened and went from the chamber to his father's outer court, and he found his father sitting in the court, and all his servants with him, and Avram came and sat before him. And Avram asked his father, saying, Father, tell me where is ELOHIYM who created heaven and earth, and all the sons of men upon earth, and who created you and me. And Terach answered his son Avram and said, Behold those who created us are all with us in the house. And Avram said to his father, My lord, show them to me I pray you; and Terach brought Avram into the chamber of the inner court, and Avram saw, and behold the whole room was full of elohiym of wood and stone, twelve great images and others less than they without number. And Terach said to his son, Behold these are they which made all you see upon earth, and which created me and you, and all mankind. And Terach bowed down to his elohiym, and he then went away from them, and Avram, his son, went away with him. And when Avram had gone from them he went to his mother and sat before her, and he said to his mother, Behold, my father has shown me those who made heaven and earth, and all the sons of men. Now, therefore, hasten and fetch a kid from the flock, and make of it savoury meat, that I may bring it to my father's elohiym as an offering for t