My Perfect Husband

When we met I was a single mom, looking for a substitute to fill the hole that had been left by my baby daddy. I was on the prowl: looking at the materialistic part of you to determine whether or not you would be the right one to step into the kingdom that I thought I had. Yes I was the Queen of my kingdom and no one could tell me no different. When I saw you I had to look you up and down to make sure you passed my shoe test. Yep, the shoes had to be fly, and they were. He made it to the next stage, he got to buy me a drink. After talking for a while and me receiving the words that I wanted to hear I went ahead and gave him the correct phone number. I have to admit! I did not think he would call, but he did. He called so much my own mother said "GIRL YOU BETTER TAKE THIS BOY'S CALLS!" I laughed her off of course. Didn't she know I was a Queen and he was going to have to catch me if he wanted me. I think he wanted me, because I GIVE UP was not his name. No man had ever went hard for me like that and I was intrigued, sooo I had to see how this thing would play out.

Wow, a man who is genuinely willing to accept my ready made family. This is just to good to be true. I'm still a little skeptical so I think I will keep my walls up just to be sure, I can not risk another broken heart. I kept myself guarded from the time we met till halfway through our marriage. My thoughts were that I was the Queen of this relationship and my King was lacking some very important qualities. We were both and still are followers of Jesus Christ, but at that time our walk was not as strong as it needed to be. My idea of important qualities were CAN HE AFFORD ME when it should have been DOES HE HAVE THE ABILITY TO LOVE ME LIKE CHRIST LOVES THE CHURCH.