As my husband and I sat in the house that we had rented for the past ten years, we thought to ourself we should walk away from it all. You see our electricity and water were both disconnected by choice. We were lead to do this. I guess YAH was already preparing us for true ministry. Most people saw this as a tragedy. They said how could you stay in that house in the summer time in Texas with no water or electric? To be honest, it was not easy, we are so entitled. The only way I was able to endure was to have faith that everything was going to work out as it should, YAH had our back and front. I began to realize that those things, you know running water and electricity within your home were luxuries that I could survive without.

At this time my husband and I had left the church building and began to really read and study scripture. We were seeking to find our HA’MASHIACH, and boy did we. First of all we found we were being deceived by this world. Once our eyes were opened to the truth of this world, we ran straight to the SON, since we know HE IS THE ONLY WAY TO THE FATHER. We found that in order to truly follow our SAVIOR we had to listen to YAHUAH who said THIS IS MY SON, LISTEN TO HIM. Soooo we said Ok we have to listen and be obedient to the scriptures. In those scriptures HE told us that we needed to forsake all we have and not to love this world. Those verses made me tremble because we were doing exactly what HE said not to do. We were loving this world, trying to build our own kingdom, and conforming to the ways of this world. I was listening to a pastor the other day talking about the origins of these man made holidays and how they are celebrated. My husband and I stopped celebrating Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving a couple of years ago and the rest of the man made holidays we stopped celebrating this year, which made a few family members upset. We only celebrate YAH’S feast days. Anyway, this pastor told the story of when Moses spent forty days and nights fasting and being taught by YAHUAH away from the ISRAELITES. The Israelites began to get restless because they did not know what happened to Moses. So, they told AARON, Moses’s brother who was the Priest to make them an ELOHIYM to Worship. Aaron was afraid of the people so he made them a golden calf and they began to party and worship it saying that this is our ELOHIYM that brought us out of EGYPT. This angered YAHUAH because the people were worshipping HIM in their own way and not in the way HE commanded. That’s exactly what we were doing when we took part in these man made celebrations. We were seeking to worship YAHUAH in our own way, which really meant we were worshipping another elohiym. I use to give the justification of YAH knows my heart, and I was right, HE does. He knew that I was being disobedient and leaning to my own understanding. Oh yeah and I do recall that because of the actions of the ISRAELITES about three thousand of them were killed. We had eyes to see but they were not open and ears to hear but could not hear. We were so distracted with worldly matters, that the things of YAH were being neglected.

OK, so after reading the scripture, meditating on HIS word, and lots of prayer. My husband and I decided that we were going to truly follow YAHUSHA HA’MASHIACH BY DOING WHAT HE SAID. So, August 2019 we sold and gave away all of our possessions, and Left our rent home to Follow the ways of my Savior. We also walked away from our corporate jobs. We could not bare to go to those places everyday and practice sin to get the job done. I knew YAH would not give me a pass for this on judgement day. So we chose the narrow road, the road not to many take because they don’t wa