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Updated: May 1, 2023

You know I truly believed that I was worshipping YAHUAH. I have been awoken. And when you have been awakened, the world to you just doesn’t look to inviting anymore. You see, I was following the ways of this world, believing I was seeking first the Kingdom of YAH. I wasn’t following HIM or worshipping HIM at all. I was leaning to my own understanding. I had a high tolerance for sin. You see I thought in my mind to support and encourage things and people to make them feel good, I thought that was seeking the Kingdom. I was wrong. I was trying to seek my own kingdom. You see, we live in a world system. I like to call it the beast system. Our creator told us about it and MOST who claim to be a follower of the way have conformed to it. It’s so hard to watch those of family and friends who have conformed to this world believe they are Following YAH. They don’t have eyes to see or ears to hear because they are so focused on their worldly desires...lying to themselves calling them Blessings!!!


You participate and support The Roman Circus your sports. You get dressed up and everything to worship. I can remember when the people of YAH use to be in those stadiums. Only they were the games, to be eaten by lions for their faith. You eat all their unclean foods. Those foods were made unclean for a reason. I can remember reading about a mother and her seven sons who were Hebrew that were tortured by the King because they refused to break the law of YAHUAH and eat unclean meat. You celebrate their Holidays. YAH told you not to follow the ways of the nations. He gave us our holy days they are in your scripture read about them.You attend concerts and events that in no way glorify YAH. While at those concerts you scream, clap, and worship the entertainer. As their mocking your creator you are supporting them your time, money, and mind.You work their jobs...because you really don’t have the faith that YAH will provide for you as HE said HE would or You just don’t want to be obedient to HIS word or you just want to run from the statement that our HA’MASHIACH made, which clearly was not a suggestion when he said you had to forsake all you have to follow HIM...clearly this was not a suggestion...but people run from this because they don’t want to have to GIVE UP THEIR STUFF. They don’t want to have to possibly walk away from family and friends or family and friends walk away from them. They don’t believe that you can not serve YAH and mammon (money, materialism...) When YAHUSHA walked this Earth he did not chase riches and materialism, as a matter of fact HE said the Son of YAH has no place to lay HIS head. Is HE not our example of how we are suppose to walk on Earth??? Most people are more focused on self and the ways of the world than walking as YAHUSHA HA’MASHIACH said we should walk. You wear their clothes and do their dances. It does not glorify YAH to see children in revealing clothes dancing provocatively in front of an audience for worldly gain. That’s tolerating sin and causing one of YAH’s little one’s to stumble. And He said that it would be better if a millstone was tied around your neck than to cause a child to stumble. You make vanity a top priority. When YAH said to not look at outside appearance, but within. We are not suppose to be so flashy and noticeable that the focus is on us instead of YAH. When people see us they should see YAH not your flawed self. You invite people to a church building instead of telling them about our HA’MASHIACH yourself as you are suppose to do as a disciple of YAH.Your purpose is in your scriptures, you should not be waiting for some new revelation.

The narrow road is not a road where everyone likes you. It’s not a road where you support and tolerate everything. It’s a road where you live according to the government of YAH and not the government of this world. It’s a road that means you have to back out and walk away from a lot of things. You know you serve a HOLY ALAHIYM, and I would much prefer to deal with the wrath of man than the wrath of YAH. If you do not fear YAH then you need to check your salvation. Because HE makes me tremble!!! I only want to serve HIM to hear on judgment day Well Done My Good And Faithful Servant. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

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