Did You Just Eat Pork And Didn’t Know it?

Written by: Damien Powell

After the blog last week about how followers of YESHUA must observe the dietary laws found in The Torah and that there are certain foods that are not permissible for us to eat; I felt it would be appropriate to talk about pork and other abominations hidden in our foods even when we think we are following His commands. They are even hidden in cosmetics like make-up and lipstick. We as believers have to be careful what we eat because we could be eating unclean foods without even knowing it.

Some examples are as follows:

Update: With all of the information listed below; if you are in doubt about what ingredients are in a product call the company and get them to clarify it for you. It may take some time to research it, but it will be worth to know that you are on the right path. The whole goal is to not to indirectly be eating something that YAHWEH said not to.

1. I want to touch on the issue that we discussed last week about staying away from meat that is sacrificed to an idol, especially when you know it has been. So when you see halal meat stamped all over the product or in a restaurant do not eat it. Everyone is familiar with the name Lucifer; however, the original Aramaic/Hebrew says this in Isaiah 14:12 “How you have fallen from the heavens, O Helel, son of the morning! You have been cut down to the ground, you who laid low the gentiles!” So it’s Helel and not Lucifer and when you look at Strong’s Concordance number 1966 the word origin halal. So one of the names of Satan is linked to the word halal, which is more proof that followers of YESHUA should stay away from such meats.

2. Cheese! When you read the label on cheese you will notice there will be listed enzymes or rennet. Many cheeses are made with animal enzymes which are used to thicken milk during the first stages of the cheese making process. Though some cheese brands use cow enzymes, you have to do some deep research to find out which kind of enzymes your cheese brand uses. To be honest most companies that list “enzymes” instead of listing which animal it came from usually means it came from a pig source. Most pizza places for example buy cheese in bulk to make many pizzas to mass produce them and they want the most cost-effective cheese for business to make money. It will cost them a lot more to buy cheese with vegetarian or microbial enzymes UPDATE: Microbial enzymes are produced by bacteria, fungi, and yeast. Therefore, most will opt for