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Dang I said clean up your Mess my Love

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

My marriage is nearing its 20 year mark and, sometimes I ask myself, how in the world are you still standing. I have grown over the years both physically and emotionally and when I say that I mean that Yahuah has been apart of it all. Without his grace and mercy I don't know what state my marriage would be in. Now wives when we first got married we thought that everything was going to run like clockwork . We had certain expectations already set in place for our marriage before we said I do. Now raise your hand if your expectations were shot down and you were ready to run the first chance you got. Meeee! But I knew I could not run.YAHUAH had much to teach me about this thing called marriage.

I had to learn that everything was not about me and that my way was not the only way. I had to learn that I did not need to fight every battle, I had to Let go and let YAHUAH! AND it is ok to be a servant! Now I am not a neat freak but I do like to keep my home clean. Early in my marriage I would try everything to keep my whole house super duper clean. I would clean and the next moment a child or my husband would move something out of place and not put it back. This would make my blood boil and it caused conflict and chaos in my home, which I started. It was like they were messing up on purpose and taking advantage of poor ol me. I stressed myself out for years trying to be this neat freak.

Till one day! I had been praying for YAHUAH to change this situation. You see I wanted Alahiym to make my family become better helpers around the house, but that's not what happened. Yahuah changed me! He opened my eyes to the goal at hand. Everything that I do in this world effects my inheritance in heaven. I had to stop living for this temporary life and live for my life to come. So now when I have to pick something up, wash something, make something, or sacrifice my time I say I'm just storing up my treasures in heaven. Always Learning From The Creator.

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